Easy Ways to Get Rid of Snails in Aquarium

Usually, snails pose no danger to fish and plants living in the aquarium, and even vice versa, they contribute to maintaining the ecological balance by depositing the remains of food and waste on the bottom and walls of the aquarium. Sometimes, however, they can breed too much, so you need to know how to get rid of snails in the aquarium. Or if you don’t like these pesky and slimy animals in your aquarium, that is okay as well.

Natural methods of controlling snails

There are several methods on how to get rid of snails in aquarium. The safest and most harmless for other aquarium inhabitants is by manual actions or introducing into your ecosystem predator-eating snails or fish that eat them. Aquarium breeders often struggle with the question of how to get rid of small snails in the aquarium, as large species do not tend to reproduce quickly.

Aquarium snails on apple slice

If you are thinking of getting rid of small snails in the aquarium, try using special traps. Special traps aid in getting rid of baby snails more effectively. One of the easiest methods to get rid of snails naturally is by placing a cabbage leaf, apple slice or any other vegetable or fruit with flat surface at the bottom of the aquarium. Leave it there for about 24 hours and then gently pick it out of the aquarium whilst the snails are still attached. Do this for multiple times until you have control over the snail population or none of them are left. This method is best suited if you simply wish to control the snail population, as getting rid of them completely might prove to be tedious.

Predators are another way to get rid of snails in the aquarium. Some fish species eagerly eat such snails. For example Tetraodon is such a fish that you can use to get rid of snails. Other species that help regulate the snail population are: clown loach, some types of gourami and catfish that will eat snail eggs. But be careful when introducing predatory fish into your aquarium as they often are more aggressive then other friendly fish. So be sure to research if they compatible with other fish. Remember that fish won’t mind the snails, if they are always well fed. Therefore, the inhabitants of your aquarium must stay a little hungry.

Aquarium snails on apple slice

You can also use Assassin snails to get rid of other snails and slugs. These large snails are very beautiful and not prone to reproduction. When they are finished with their job, they can keep living peacefully in your aquarium and feed off from the food remains that fall to the bottom of your aquarium. But if they do manage to reproduce, you can sell them quickly and profitably. If you clicked on the link above, you will see that they are in quite the demand for a nice price.

How to get rid of snails using chemicals

In pet shops you can buy special chemical compounds that regulate the population of snails. These substances will kill all snails and other intras you might have in your aquarium. Please use chemicals only in extreme cases and consult someone at a pet shop to help you decide what would be the best way for you to remove snails from your aquarium, if you are still unsure. Chemical compounds will always affect the health of your fish and unsettle the environment.

What to do with the caught snails?

As already said, it is best not to throw them out, but sell them on, for example, Amazon. There are multiple uses for them still. Some people like them in their fish tank and some people use them to feed their larger fish.