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Benefits of Keeping a Fish Aquarium

Posted 14 Nov 2018

Everyone knows that fish aquariums are very beautiful decorations in any home. But is that the only reason to have one? Certainly not. There are multiple benefits that come with fish keeping, one of the most common missed benefits - health improvement. Even a small fish aquarium in your home or office can bring a lot of benefits with it.

Cool Fish Tank Decorations

Posted 13 Nov 2018

It is proven that fish tanks are good for people, because they relieve stress and add peaceful, beautiful atmosphere in any room. But to make it more stunning, you will want to to add some unique fish tank decorations. But they not only server the purpose of looking beautiful, they create great environment for your fish to play and swim through or around.

How to Clean a Fish Tank at Home

Posted 10 Nov 2018

Fish tank cleaning. Has this combo of words ever scared you? It did scare me before I went into fish keeping. This is probably the #1 reason why people fail at keeping pet fish or don't even begin to do that. But let me tell you from experience - cleaning fish tanks is not that difficult.

Tropical Fish List for Your Aquarium

Posted 8 Nov 2018

From the moment you introduce tour fish in your home or office, they will become the focal point of the entire room. If you are looking for fish to add in your aquarium, you have come to the right place. Here you will find a list of tropical freshwater fish for your aquarium.

Best Beginner Plants For Freshwater Aquarium

Posted 5 Nov 2018

Plants are a must have in any freshwater aquarium set-up, if you wish to see all the natural beauty it can provide for your home or office. An aquarium without them looks good, but nothing compares to the natural feel that plants provide.

Best Big Fish Aquariums for Home

Posted 3 Nov 2018

No matter the size your fish is, they love freedom of movement. So more space is always better. But where to start? Doesn't matter if you are just looking for an upgrade or an aquarium to start the hobby of fish keeping, you will find this big home aquarium list useful.

8 Common Beginner Fish Keeping Mistakes To Avoid

Posted 1 Nov 2018

Pet Fish keeping is a very rewarding hobby that will keep you deeply invested and the satisfaction will never end. But it is not as simple as just buying a fish tank and dropping your fish in it. I am going to share with you the most common fish keeping mistakes to avoid in the beginning phases of fish keeping.

Best Freshwater Fish For Small Aquariums

Posted 31 Oct 2018

Freshwater fish are the 3rd most popular pets in the USA. That is no surprise, because having an aquarium in you home can have so many benefits. It is proven that home aquariums work as a great stress relief product. So it is great to have one either in your office or in your home. The species we are going to look at are going to be easy to care for, so they are the best freshwater fish for beginners.

Best small aquariums under 10 gallons for beginners

Posted 28 Oct 2018

Amazing thing about having a small fish aquarium - it will make you feel like home. Even a small aquarium will add a natural and calm feeling to the whole room. If you choose the right aquarium and decorate it, it will become the main focal point in any space.