Benefits of Keeping a Fish Aquarium

Last Updated: 3rd October 2019

Everyone knows that fish aquariums are very beautiful decorations in any home. But is that the only reason to have one? Certainly not. There are multiple benefits that come with fish keeping, one of the most common missed benefits - health improvement. Even a small fish aquarium in your home or office can bring a lot of benefits with it. Hopefully this article is going to make you look at fish tanks with a whole new perspective.

Stress reduction.

Reducing stress

Humans have a natural attraction to water, so deep down, it is embedded into our DNA to feel more comfortable when we are near water. Our existence has been heavily reliant on being near water sources for all our lives, so it is only natural to be attracted to it. Aquariums have the ability to reduce our stress by bringing the calming effects of nature into our home.

Also many people enjoy the sound of running water in their aquariums. This is very similar experience for the people who enjoy the sound of rain hitting your windows. If you enjoy that, you will definitely enjoy the sound of running water as well, it soothes and calms people down. This is especially helpful if you work a high stress job. Just come home, lay in your couch and enjoy the peaceful and natural atmosphere. Even better is to have an aquarium in your office. Wondered, why so many big executives have an aquarium in their offices? This is exactly the reason for it - to reduce stress.

It has already been proven many times that water itself has very healthy calming effect in it. You have probably heard about aquatic therapies many times. People who love fishing will already know the great feeling of being surrounded by water and peaceful nature. Why not bring this amazing environment into your home as well?

Lowering blood pressure and heart rate.

Calm aquarium

A study by multiple universities has found that looking at fish swimming in aquariums helps to lower blood pressure and heart rate. The researchers concluded that exposure to aquariums can greatly improve people’s well being. So it can be very beneficial for old people to have a fish tank in their homes.

It can be so mesmerizing, fun and calm at the same time to just sit and watch how your fish go about their every day business. I can tell from my own experience as well. During my lifetime I have probably spent days just looking at my fish go and explore different parts of my aquariums. I never get tired of it and so do my guests, who usually cannot take their eyes off of my fish.

The calming effects of fish tanks.

Another benefit of having fish at home - peace of mind. It has become a popular practice for people who take care of other people health, to install aquariums in their offices and/or waiting rooms. This has become an especially popular trend for dentists. During the research of this phenomenon, it was proved that patients require less pain reducing medication, if they were watching the fish go during the procedures.

A study by Purdue University found that having a fish tank with brightly colored fish can curtail disruptive behaviors of people with Alzheimer’s disease.

Great for children.

Kid watching a fish tank

Kids always admire colorful and beautiful things. There is no chance they won’t be curious about what is going on in there and how everything works in nature as well. It is a great idea to make your kids take are of their new friends (Not like they will say no anyways). This teaches discipline and responsibility at a young age and it will go a long way in the future.

Also, the maintenance is not that difficult as it may seem either. But it surely is a responsible task that will keep your children involved and interested.

Fish keeping is cheap.

Highest costs that you will face going into fish keeping are going to be the very first steps - buying an aquarium, supplies and, possibly, decorations. And of course, the fish themselves. After you have set your fish tank up, the costs will be close to non-existent, compared to, for example, having a cat or a dog.

Of course, it all depends on the size of your aquarium, how many fish you wish to keep and the difficulty of their maintenance. For the first time, you should probably get some beginner friendly fish.

The maintenance is very easy as well, as fish require little attention and will do fine being on their own. At most, you will spend about 5 minutes a day feeding your fish and about half an hour weekly or every two weeks cleaning the aquarium.


Disqus fish in a fish tank

This is obviously one of the reasons why many people want to have fish tanks in their home. Because they look aesthetically pleasing. I believe that nothing makes a room more beautiful than a beautifully decorated fish tank with beautiful fish swimming inside it. In my experience, it is going to be the first people will notice and admire, when visiting your house. So be prepared to answer a ton of beginner questions about fish keeping when friends and family visits!

Go get an aquarium right now.

So fish keeping sounds pretty cool and rewarding now, huh? It sure is. There won’t be a single day you won’t admire the beauty of fish swimming around in the corner of your room. This is my personal favorite low maintenance hobby that brings a lot of joy in my life. I have never regretted this choice and intend to keep doing it for a long time. Be sure to read 8 common beginner mistakes to avoid, if you are planning joining me and other aquarists in this wonderful hobby. If you are completely new to this and would appreciate some guidelines on how to get started, read The Ultimate Guide On How To Start An Aquarium. Make sure you share this article with your friends, so everyone is informed about the benefits of keeping fish aquarium at home or office.