Cool Fish Tank Decorations

Last Updated: 21st March 2019

It is proven that fish tanks are good for people, because they relieve stress and add peaceful, beautiful atmosphere in any room. But to make it more stunning, you will want to to add some unique fish tank decorations. But they not only serve the purpose of looking beautiful, they create great environment for your fish to play and swim through or around. That’s right, fish like to play as well. They enjoy navigating around obstacles. So I have prepared a list of the best fish tank decorations available for you.

Fish tank plane

But before we dive into the list of aquarium decorations, you should note that you cannot put anything you want in your aquarium. Because most of the things will contain chemicals that will eventually kill your fish. Especially you should avoid plastic and anything that has been colored. In freshwater aquariums, you should not even put rocks found outside, because they will introduce minerals that your fish do not want. The beautiful fish tank decorations mentioned here are safe for every home fish tank.

Fake wood fish tank decorations

Mangrove Root

mangrove root decoration

That is correct, if you want to get a natural look in your aquarium, you cannot use real wood, because real wood will decay and start causing trouble in your fish tank. That is why there are specially made decorations that look like real wood, like this Mangrove Root. Place it within some fake plants and your underwater world will look very natural. It measures 12.7 inches wide x 11.2 inches long x 9 inches tall and mimics true mangrove roots that are found in nature.

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Exotic Log

Wood log fish tank decoration

This exotic driftwood log is a great choice if you have tropical fish that love to swim through holes. It also looks great in any natural aquarium. It’s dimensions are 18 x 8.5 x 9 inches. This would be a beautiful centerpiece choice.

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Tree trunk with a hole

Tree trunk in a fish tank

Another fake wood decoration that will enhance your fish tanks landscape. Not only it looks great and natural, it also provides a place for your fish to hide, when they do not want to be seen.

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Fish tank rock decorations

Okho Dragon Stone Fish Tank Decor

Dragon Stone Decor

Want to add a little big of magic into your aquarium? Then this fish tank decor will be the perfect choice! It strikes amazing balance between magnificent and very natural look in your fish tank. These rocks come in sizes from 2 up to 9 inches. So you can perfectly find the best fit for this fish tank ornament in both big and small aquariums.

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Decor polyresin cave

Aquarium accessories cave

This natural looking cave is a great way to add character to your aquarium. It measures 5.1-inch length by 11.4-inch width by 7.7-inch height. It will provide a natural, beautiful look to your aquarium and another hiding place for your fish. The cave is nice and dark, so if your fish have very dark colors, then they may become completely invisible inside it.

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Exotic Skull Mountain Aquarium Ornament

Skull Mountain Aquarium Ornament

This skull mountain aquarium ornament is perfect choice if you wish to add a sense mystery and ancient danger inside your fish tank. It is safe for any kind of aquariums and is made with hand painted details. It has a swim thru hole for your fish to enjoy.

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Decorative Aquarium Gravel Natural Beach Pebble

aquarium natural rocks

This completely natural gravel will add natural beauty for your aquarium. I think that gravel is a must have in any aquarium. These pebbles won’t affect the chemistry in your fish tank, so it is safe for your fish.

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Triple Pebble Archway Ornaments

Pebble archway decoration

If you like more exotic human made fish tank rock decorations, than this will fit perfectly into your landscape. This large pebble archway resembles a figure that has been built by ancient civilizations and survived the test of time. It has been handcrafted and that is the reason why it looks very life-like. It measures 9.25”L x 7.5”H x 7.25”W.

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Mountain View Stone Ornament

Fish tank rock mountain decoration

This definitely is one of my favorites amongst fish tank rock decorations. It will turn any aquarium into a beautiful scenery. It has fake trees all over it, which gives it a very natural feeling and look. Also the detailing of this fish tank accessory is amazing. It is also a great hiding place for your fish. I like it so much, that I even ordered one myself, during the research for this article! In size it measures about: 10”/26cm x 4.2”/12cm x 10.2”/26cm(L*W*H).

fish tank fake plants

This unique fish tank decoration would go great together with these fake plastic plants!

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Architectural decorations

Ancient ruins

Ancient ruins decoration

These ancient ruins will add a beautiful historical theme in your fish tank. They are hand painted and look like real marble columns that were built by ancient Greeks and Romans. It is also covered with small fake trees and vegetation, which gives it a natural look. Its dimensions: Length 9”; Width 7; Height 6.5”.

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Great Wall Of China Aquarium Decoration

Great Wall Aquarium Accessories

This is one of the must have cool fish tank accessories if you are a fan of the Asian architecture! This ornament will change your aquarium into a beautiful scenery. Do note, that this is a perfect large fish tank ornament, as it’s dimensions are as follows: 16.1” x 3” x 5”.

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Wood With Anchor Fish Tank Decoration

Wood with anchor decoration

If you looking for simple and cool fish tank decorations, then these hand crafted wood poles with an anchor sitting in front of them might be the perfect fit. Whilst a simple aquarium decoration, it will look stunning in any environment. As you can see, it also has holes so your fish can find a little bit of privacy whenever they get tired of all the buzz inside the fish tank. It’s size is as follows - 9.25”L x 9.75”W x 14”H

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Small Poseidon statue

Small Poseidon statue for fish tank

If you are going for an ancient Greek themed aquarium, then the statue of Poseidon will fit right in! It is a good quality statue and gives a powerful and serious look to your aquarium. If you are looking for small fish tank decorations, then the statue of Poseidon will be the perfect centerpiece for it.

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Fish tank castle decoration

Aquarium castle decoration

This castle is a very popular fish tank accessory among aquarists. It comes in two parts, if you wish to create a large centerpiece fish tank decoration out of it, you should order both of them. It is popular because of its hand crafted color and detail. The color looks really beautiful underwater and stands out between everything else. Not only you will enjoy it, but so will your fish. This aquarium castle provides multiple hiding and swim through places for your fish. Remember that your fish need to have hiding places, so they do not get stressed out. This awesome fish tank decoration is very well worth the money.

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Bomber plane aquarium ornament

Aquarium plane decoration

This is another popular choice for aquarists who wish to make some kind of a theme in their aquariums. It looks very natural, like a real plane that has sunk and sat underwater for ages. If you enjoy vehicles and nostalgia, then this might be the perfect cool fish tank decoration for you. It is very well made and is a top quality decoration. Maybe a perfect gift for someone who is passionate about planes and air force in general? Its size dimensions are as follows: 13.3”x9.2”x7.6” (34X 23.5X 19.5cm) (L x W x H ).

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Warship cave aquarium ornament

Sunken ship aquarium decoration

If you want to create a modern forgotten underwater world or World War II theme, then this would fit in very well with the sunken plane. This shipwreck is another great quality decoration that will add a beautiful scenery in your aquarium. It is filled with caves and hiding places for your fish to enjoy. Do note that this ship comes as a part of large aquarium decorations, so it won’t do for small aquariums. Its size dimensions are as follows: 19.3”x3.6”x7.7” (49X 9.1X 19.6cm)(L x W x H ).

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Titanic Shipwreck

Want to have something from pop-culture in your aquarium? How about a sunken “Titanic” replica that sits peacefully on the rocks at the bottom of your fish tank!

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Braceus Retro Vase Ornament

Retro vase ornament

This retro ornamental vase could be another the perfect ornament for an antique styled theme. It would gow well together with ancient ruins or The Poseidon Statue.

It would look great on its own as well, as its size is pretty decent - 13cm x 12cm x 15cm/5.12” x 4.72” x 5.91”. A very vivid and realistic fish tank decoration.

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Blue Ribbon Flower Pot Garden

fish tank flower pot ornament

These zen inspired flower pots with colorful plants tend be a very beautiful accent aquarium decoration. The flower pots will fit in with any cultural aquarium theme with no problem. The size of these pots measure at 6.25”L x 5.5”W x 4”H. If you are looking for something that will last, then these flower pots are exactly what you are looking for, as they have been known to be very durable.

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Other Aquarium Decorations

Luminous Fake Seahorse Ornaments

Fake Seahorse Decorations

How about adding fake seahorses that will look like real ones, huh? This will add even more excitement for you aquarium, as it is pretty hard to tell that they are not real without taking a much closer look at them. You can even safely put them together with your fish and they won’t bother them at all. One great feature of these seahorse decorations - they glow in the dark! So you will really be impressed with the beauty they will add to your fish tank in dark environments.

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Uniclife Glowing Artificial Coral Plant

Glowing fake coral plant

This is a real treat for freshwater fish tank decorations! If you have always loved the marine look and feel, but you are only able to care for a freshwater aquarium or you enjoy it more, you still can get the look and feel of a real coral reef with these fake coral plants! This is definitely a must have if you want to go for the coral theme in your aquarium, no matter if the aquarium is freshwater or saltwater.

It is approximately 5.9” x 5.5”x 3.9’ in size and is made out of non-toxic silicone & resin material, which makes odorless, flexible and lifelike. And, as the name suggest, it even glows in the dark! I have had one similar to this and it looked really good, especially at night in my mixed theme fish tank.

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Hopefully you found something for your taste in this list of cool fish tank decorations and are awaiting for it to arrive, so you can magnify the striking looks of your fish tank even more. If you found this article interesting, please share it with your friends as well!