Best Big Fish Aquariums for Home

Last Updated: 3rd October 2019

No matter the size your fish is, they love freedom of movement. So more space is always better. But where to start? Doesn’t matter if you are just looking for an upgrade or an aquarium to start the hobby of fish keeping, you will find this big home aquarium list useful. You can be assured that here you will see only aquariums of the highest quality. I would never recommend anything shady, as we all want the community of fish keeping enthusiasts growing. The more people understand how exciting and rewarding this hobby is, the better. If you have always wanted to have your very own aquarium, but don’t know where and how to start, then readHow To Start An Aquarium Guide. So let’s see what are the best big aquariums out there.

SeaClear Acrylic Aquarium

Acrylic Home Aquarium

Most fish tanks are made either from glass or from acrylic. Acrylic tanks are much lighter and tougher than glass fish tanks. One downside they have - they are more prone to getting scratched. Many people say they enjoy the view from acrylic fish tanks more than the ones from glass. Also, it is much easier to maintain a constant temperature in acrylic aquarium than in an aquarium made of glass. Not maintaining a constant temperature in home aquariums is a common beginner mistake. Acrylic tanks tend to be a bit more expensive as well. But they are well worth the money.

SeaClear Acrylic aquarium is a popular choice between fish keeping hobbyists. That is because they look stunning and come in different sizes, so anyone can find their best fit. The size varies from 15 gallons up till 50 gallons. So you can find one that will fit on your desk or fill up a whole wall.

And because the aquarium is made from acrylic, it has no metal frames, as acrylic is more versatile than glass and can be molded into different shapes. That will give your home aquarium a whole new aesthetic look. If all of your friends own a glass aquarium, you will stun them for sure by getting this beauty. You can keep any kind of fish in this tank. Depending on the size of the fish tank you are going to buy, of course. If you buy the linked SeaClear Acrylic Aquarium Combo, you will also receive a reflector and electrical 24” light fixture.

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SCA 50 Gallon Starfire Glass Aquarium

50 gallon glass fish tank

The 50 Gallon Starfire Glass Aquarium is a perfect choice if you are looking to expand your hobby. This big home aquarium has been labeled as the best 50 gallon aquarium by many of its buyers. The design of this fish aquarium is sleek and simple. It will will fit right in to any room of your choice. Unlike many other aquariums, this one is cube shaped. The tank itself is made from Starfire glass, which magnifies everything in it, so your fish can be at the center of attention, no matter the size. The Starfire glass is also much clearer than regular glass. If you have colorful fish, then this is the glass you want for your tank, because the material of the glass makes the color of the fish stand out much more than in regular tanks. This gives a very luxurious and high-end look.

The tank is more durable than the ones made from standard glass. Also it is not as prone to scratches as acrylic fish tanks. As you will probably want and need a stand for any fish aquarium bigger than 20 gallons, you do not need to worry about one by ordering this one, as it is already included and pre-assembled in the packaging. The cabinet has dual doors and it will do the most of the work for you. The water flow is made easy with a pre-drilled return and drain pipe.

One thing this tank misses out - it doesn’t come with any light fixture, so you will have to buy one yourself. But on the plus side, it comes with an amazing 3 year warranty, which will assure you the tank is of the highest quality.

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Tetra 55 Gallon Aquarium Kit

55 gallon fish tank

The Tetra 55 Gallon Aquarium is perfectly suited for beginners and advanced aquarists who wish to expand. It comes with everything necessary to start rolling from the moment it arrives. While it is one of the main selling points, you will need to find a good place for it, as it is one beautifully long aquarium that is made from glass.

As mentioned earlier, this big fish tank is a perfect choice for beginner fish keepers. If you want to go big from the start, order this tank without second thoughts. In our best beginner aquariums list, you can find many other great choices for beginners. But this is THE BEST choice by far. Small aquariums are more or less for just testing the waters, because with time, you will want to expand. But not if you go for this beauty right from the start. Bigger aquariums are more forgiving and this one includes everything and even more than any beginner starter kit does. And you won’t need to worry too much about the size of the fish you wish to keep.

But now let’s get back to the more technical side of this home aquarium. The tank has no special glass type, it’s the regular, sturdy glass that comes with any other tank. But for a tank of this size, you will understand, the bigger the tank, the more beautiful the glass looks. The added LED that comes with the tank is optimized to bring out the very best features you have in your tank. The fish tank is big in size, you can have the creative freedom you want when setting up your very own underworld kingdom. As the aquarium is made from glass, it is quite heavy when put together. And you should remember the fact, that this is probably not the best choice for a very small room, unless you like everything to be very compact.

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biOrb Cube 15 Gallon Aquarium

biorb cube aquarium review

biOrb Cube is coming in strong into the aquarium world with its high class design. It definitely is one the most beautiful aquariums out there. If you are all about the high tech and premium look, then this might be the perfect choice for you. Although this is just a 15 gallon fish tank, it very well deserves its place here because of its stunning high-end look.

Its premium design is very well incorporated with a beautiful acrylic glass in a cube shape. It comes with everything you need to get started from the moment it will arrive to your doorstep, so no need to worry about extra equipment, unless you are an advanced aquarist and know exactly what you want. It also comes with a two year warranty. One of its cool features is its automatic light setting that mimics natural light cycle very well. Not only that, but it 16 different colors that you can change however you want, that you can operate with a remote control. The lid of the aquarium has a magnetic catch, that will ensure the lid is always fully closed, even if you forget to close it while feeding the fish. This is especially useful if you are worried about a cat who might want to go fishing some day.

There are three stages of filtration for this tanks filter. The filter uses ceramic media for the biological filtration, the mechanical filtration stage collects excess dirt, and the chemical stage uses carbon to filter out any heavy metals, ensuring the water is completely clean and clear. One thing that differs from other aquariums, you will need to change the filter cartridge about once a month. And they are quite pricey. This is the turn off you will get with this premium design aquarium. If you are concerned about spending money, then this probably won’t be the best choice for you. It is also a bit noisier than most of the aquariums. If that is a problem to you, then bedroom probably isn’t the best place where to keep it. But all in all it is a good tank for beginners, as it comes with everything necessary and is very easy to set up.

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50 Gallon Acrylic Corner Pentagon Aquarium

Corner fish tank 50 gallon

If you are looking for something more non-traditional, then this 50 gallon corner aquarium might be exactly what you are looking for. Its pentagon shape makes it one of the best corner acrylic aquariums available for sale. If you take a closer look, it is not a complete pentagon, but an adjusted pentagon shape that forms like a triangle at the back. That way it will fit right in as a corner aquarium in your room.

Its acrylic glass is of highest quality. If you are used to glass aquariums, then you will be amazed how clear the view through this acrylic glass is. Its unique shape and rounded front corners make great viewing angles.

Large corner aquarium

This is a core tank, so you will need to buy additional equipment for it separately. Its high quality definitely makes this a strong front-runner, when someone is looking for a large corner aquarium.

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So these are the best big fish tanks that I recommend for both beginners and advanced aquarists to buy, as they will satisfy your needs and won’t break down the moment you get them. Your fish will appreciate their new home as well. They have enough room for your fish to go about their business undisturbed. So go on and order the one you think will fit your needs the best. I hope you found my fish tank review useful. Good luck and enjoy the delight a fish keeping hobby brings into your home.