Ancient Greek Themed Aquarium Decoration Ideas

Aquariums are the most sophisticated decorations that you can find in a home that values elegance and style. An important part of making aquariums more exciting and eye-catching is finding perfect decorations for it. Most people buy some random ornaments, they probably still look good, but not as breathtaking as if you create a theme in your aquarium! If you value the beauty of history, just as I do, then this article is exactly for you!

There have been many marvelous cultures that have shaped the world as we live in today. Why not show respect for one that was the cradle of culture and build yourself a Greek themed fish tank? To make this task easier for you, I have composed some great ideas for a Greek themed aquarium. Have a look and go for it, if it is something you would like!

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Greek Ruins Aquarium decorations

Ancient ruins will make your aquarium have an authenticity, a story to tell of a time long gone… All that remains are sunken ruins and fish that live and play between them.

Parthenon Ruins

Parthenon Fish Tank Ornament

Parthenon is a former temple on the Athenian Acropolis, Greece, dedicated to the goddess Athena, whom the people of Athens considered their patron. This is a medium sized ancient ruins decoration that will fit perfectly in a small to medium sized aquarium. It will do find in a bigger one as well, if you have other ornaments that take up rest of the space.

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Ancient Greek Ruins

greek ruins fish tank ornament

Another Greek ruin themed fish tank ornament that will fit right into a historical theme about a time long past. These ruins can be paired with pretty much anything. For better effect, you can even combine multiple ancient ruins by placing them strategically in your aquarium to form a place which was one full of wisdom and chatter.

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Temple Ruins

temple ruins aquarium ornament

Add a place that was once used to worship the Old Gods into your ancient themed aquarium.

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Exotic Bridge

exotic bridge aquarium decoration

Another structure built by man kind that is getting reclaimed by nature.

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Simple Greek Ruin Columns

greek ruin columns fish tank ornament

A simple, yet aesthetically pleasing columns with a fake plant growing between them. Place them wherever you want to signify a place where great structure once stood. These can also be bought in bunch and placed together to form whatever your imagination comes up with. Create a true lost city with these ornaments.

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Detailed Greek Ruins

mini greek ruins

Greek ruins with more detail and story behind them.

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Greek God Aquarium Ornaments

Greeks produced some of the most fascinating tales that have ever been told. A lot of them involving Greek mythology and gods. If you want to introduce some mythology into your fish tank, then here are some great ideas.

Poseidon Aquarium Statues

Poseidon was one of the Twelve Olympians in ancient Greek religion and myth, god of the sea, storms, earthquakes and horses. He was protector of seafarers, and of many Hellenic cities and colonies.

Poseidon Marble Aquarium Statue

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Poseidon Marble Fish Tank Statue

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Here are two beautiful Poseidon aquarium statue variations incorporating the beautiful look of Greek marble statues. Poseidon has always been a very strong power symbol.

Poseidon Sitting on Throne

If marble is not your thing, then this golden ornament with Poseidon sitting on a throne might suit you better.

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Underwater Treasures

It’s all in the details, as many experts in their fields say. And that is very much true when decorating your aquarium as well. The more attention you pay to details, the more stunning and real your little aqua world will feel.

Ruined Treasure Vase Ornaments

These vases were once used to carry the best vine there was or hide your treasures within them. These are undoubtedly very beautiful remains of a great culture that will add those small missing details in your aquarium.

vase aquarium ornament

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greek urn aquarium decoration

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greek vase fish tank decoration

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