Hi! Thank you for visiting my website! As you might have already noticed, this site is all about maintaining a happy environment in personal aquariums. I am a fish keeping hobbyist or aquarist, as I like to call myself. Fish keeping hobby has become a very important part of my life. I just fell in love with it and have been for couple of years already. I like to learn new things, so I research a lot. One day I thought, why not share all that knowledge with others? Why not help people get into the hobby of fish keeping? Could not find a single reason not to! So here I am, sharing my knowledge with you. I am by no means an expert, just a guy with a hobby that he loves.

The goal here is to build a community for fish keepers. To educate and guide through the journey of fish keeping. To provide informational material so anyone can grow from the very beginner, to an advanced aquarist. Do note, that I will use affiliate links wherever I can. That means, if you buy any product from other sites, like Amazon, after clicking an a product link I provided, I will get a very small percentage fee from your purchase. This does not add any extra cost for you, it’s just the seller paying me dimes for referring to their product. I do that because I do not intend to write sponsored content, like some fish food manufacturer paying me to write a great review on their product. I write only my genuine thoughts and experience. I would never recommend anything I would not use myself for my readers. Hopefully, the money I will receive will be enough to pay off the server costs for running this website free for anyone. After all, we are all here because we want our fish friends to have healthy environment in our homes. I hope you find my insights useful and share them with other passionate aquarists!

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